Pearlescent Petal Perfection Bouquet

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Pearlescent Petal Perfection Bouquet is a vision in white, combining hortensia, roses, and alstroemeria into a stunning large bouquet. This all-white ensemble symbolizes purity and elegance, perfect for weddings, sympathies, or sophisticated gifting.


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This exquisite large Pearlescent Petal Perfection Bouquet blends hortensia, roses, and alstroemeria, each flower chosen for its symbolic representation of purity, tranquillity, and elegance. Ideal for the most refined occasions – from wedding celebrations to expressions of sympathy – this arrangement conveys a message of serene beauty. Embrace the elegance of simplicity with this all-white bouquet, a testament to timeless beauty and sophistication.

Carefully remove all packaging from your flowers. Please do not remove the string or elastic band from a hand-tied bouquet, as this holds the bouquet together in its arranged shape. Strings and elastic bands can be removed once the flowers are in the vase.

Cut approx. 2-3cm at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors, secateurs or knife from the base of each stem. Cutting at an angle will result in a larger surface area from which your flower can drink.

Place the bouquet in a clean vase filled with fresh water.

Arrange your flowers in your vase and display them somewhere away from draughts, direct sunlight, heat sources and ripening fruit - all of these factors affect how long your flowers will last.

Re-cut the stems every 3 days and change the water. Top up the vase with water when necessary.

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